Privacy Policy

As a user of this website, your privacy is held to be our first priority. All users should know that we do not, in any case, install any malware or spyware onto the system in order to monitor your activities. We do use cookies to measure user behavior on our website but this may be disabled on your browser’s setting if you do not wish us to use them. We may ask you to provide us with certain personal details for accessing some of our services like name, email, age, contact number, and address. These details are completely confidential and no unauthorized person has access to them, and none of this data is sold or shared with third parties. This privacy policy protects all users of our website under the existing state and national laws.

Special offers or deals may be sent as email notices but you can unsubscribe from our mailing list. We will not send any more such offers. Any disagreement with this policy will be taken as a right to prevent you from further using our website. Please read these terms regularly from time to time as they are likely to change without any advance notice.